The Flying Machine .40 and .60 plans and instructions are ready to ship. 

NEWS update 01/19/2013
Lazer Works will soon be selling the Flying Machine Short Kit.

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Flying Machine .40 Specifications:

Wing Span: 44"
Fuselage Length: 40 1/4"
Wing Area: 440 SQ. IN.
Weight 3.5 Lbs to 4 Lbs 4 oz.
Wing loading based on 68 ounces = 22 oz/Sq ft.
Engine Size .40 - .46
          If you’ve ever seen the Cloud Dancers International Air Show Team perform, then you’ve seen the amazing, unreal, aerial magic of Don Muddiman and his incredible Flying Machine!  Designed to "Push the Envelope", this machine will fulfill anyone’s need for pure aerobatic excitement!  Don knew that most of his flying would be with a lot of control throw, and with sticks in the corners, so he designed this ship to “Take a licking and keep on ticking”! The strong, yet lightweight design can take a lot of abuse.  Imagine entering a high-speed vertical dive, at full power, then throwing the sticks into the corners!  Most planes would self-destruct!  But the Flying Machine will perform a series of snaps so fast that it will appear to be a blur, then recover instantly as you enjoy the "oohs" and "ahhs" of  the crowd whose full attention you now have.  For the typical Sunday Flyer, reducing the control throws will turn the Flying Machine into a well behaved sport flyer.  Either way, you’ll never be bored!
In 1983 Don Muddiman of the Cloud Dancers Air Show Team was looking for an aircraft that would push him to his limits.  That dream became reality when he designed the Incredible Flying Machine.
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The competitor, lets get this straight.

     I have heard many times the Flying Machine looks like the “Hots” a model Midwest models produced in the 80’s.  Well in fact the Flying Machine was designed in 1983 prior to the “Hots” coming into existence.
Dan B. Santich designed the “Hots” sometime in 1984 or thereafter and had the good fortune of getting Midwest models to produce the kit.  The only thing that both aircraft have in common is a similar profile outline.  Other than that the “Hots” can not compete with the flight envelope and high speed aerobatic of the Flying Machine. 
The Flying Machine is a flying experience you cannot get from any other model on the market.
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Don Muddiman
551 SW Hammock Hill Cir.
Lake City, FL 32024
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.40 Size Plans $24.00
.60 Size Plans $26.00
Flying Machine .60 Specifications:

Wing Span: 53"
Fuselage Length: 48"
Wing Area: 646 SQ. IN.
Engine Size .60 - .90

My .40 Setup/Equipment

The Flying Machine I perform with has the following equipment:
O.S. MAX 46AX engine, turning a Master Airscrew 9 1/2 x 6 prop.
(The engine RPMS are approximately 17,500 static.)
Mac 7.5 unmuffled tuned pipe and header.
Tru-Turn Spinner 2 1/4"
The fuel is 10% Byron Preminum Sport fuel
Kraft 8 oz. fuel tank
Rossi #6 glow plug.
J.R. 347 radio using DS811 servos and a 600 ma. battery pack.
The aircraft weighs approximately 4lbs. 4 oz.