Jean & Dons Cocoa Beach Trip June 24, 2001

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We stopped by the Astronauts Hall of Fame to get a picture of the Pulse and the Space Shuttle. You can see thunder storms are approaching in the background.  We decide to delay our ride back, have lunch and let some of the major thunder storms pass.

Astronaut_Hall_Of_Fame-1.jpg (449718 bytes)

On the way back.

Hey lets take a picture.

Cool !!!!!!

Looks like we just touched down on the runway.....


DriveBack-1.jpg (316676 bytes)

Hey Jean take a picture for me looking over my shoulder.

You can see rain drops on the windshield.
Click on the image and check out the gauge readings.

Oil temp:          140Deg. F (Running real cool with the oil cooler I added.)
Tach:                5700 RPM (Running at 60 MPH)
Oil Pressure:    50 PSI

Out side temperature about 78 Deg. F

DriveBack-4.jpg (404942 bytes)

Ok one with the flash........

DriveBack-3.jpg (602648 bytes)

 Turning to home base.

Driveby-4.jpg (608479 bytes)

 Looks cool with all the light on.

Night-4.jpg (95999 bytes)