LiteStar/Pulse Basic Replacement Parts List


Yamaha_Maxim_400cc-2.jpg (40205 bytes)

1982 Yamaha Maxim 400cc SJ 
Single overhead cam

Top_View_Engine.jpg (98172 bytes)

This is the 400cc RJ engine.

Typical engine -1982 Yamaha SECA 400cc RJ Dual overhead cam or the Yamaha Maxim 400cc SJ Single overhead cam.

Note: The SJ engine has a kick starter.

The RJ engine looks like an sideways H from the top view.    

Oil Capacity
Oil only     ~ 2.23 qt.
Oil & Filter ~ 2.64 qt.

Oil Type & Weight
SAE ~ 20W/40 type SE (Summer)
SAE ~ 10W/30 type SE (Winter)

Synthetic ~ 10W/40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Adding the oil-cooling system increases the oil capacity.

Fuel ~ Regular 

Oil Filter

Yamaha_Oil_Filter_400cc.jpg (7921 bytes)

Yamaha P/N 1L9-13440-90 or -91, 1L9-13441-11

Oil Filters are the same for the Seca 400cc RJ and Maxim 400cc SJ engine.

The concave side of the filter goes to the outside of the engine block.

Spark Plug

NGK_Plug.jpg (110425 bytes)

Yamaha RJ engine NGK P/N D8EA
Plug Gap .023 ~ .028

Yamaha SJ engine P/N Champion N-7Y, NGK BP-7ES or Nippon Denso W22EP
Plug Gap .023 ~ .028


No Image

Yamaha RJ engine BS34
Yamaha SJ engine BS34

Carburetor Tips

Air Filter

No Image

K&N Filter P/N RB-0500 (Clamp on type)
(Used on my Yamaha 400cc RJ engine) 

Ignition System

No Image



No Image

RJ Engine ~ P/N SM-7
SJ Engine ~ P/N *****

Charging System output

No Image

RJ Engine 14volts/18amps @ 5000RPM
SJ Engine 14volts/12amps @ 5000RPM


Link #530 O-ring chain with 101 links (O-ring chains last up to ten times longer)

Master Link

Master_Link-3.jpg (258835 bytes)

Link #530 O-ring master link (Make sure it's the re-moveable clip type in case you have to tow the LiteStar/Pulse)


Rear Sprocket And Adjusters.jpg (43133 bytes)

16 tooth Yamaha 400cc engine


40 tooth Yamaha 400cc engine 
Note: Sprocket will may need machining.
*Image courtesy of Bob Cervero


Aft View New Tire & Shocks-1.jpg (43789 bytes) Aft View-1.jpg (76030 bytes)

Monroe Load Leveler 575 
(Coil over shocks used front and rear)

Gabriel Air-shocks # 729773 
*AutoZone P/N 49212 (Used front and rear)

*Left aft view image courtesy of Bob Cervero


Caliper-1.jpg (335704 bytes) Caliper-2.jpg (282881 bytes)

1983-1987 Dodge Omni, Renault or AMC Alliance *AutoZone P/N C945

(This is the passenger side caliper.  It is  used for both the front and rear calipers)


Brake Pads

pads.jpg (39318 bytes)

1983-1987 Dodge Omni, Renault or AMC Alliance AutoZone P/N MD218

*Bake Pad image courtesy of Bob Cervero

Main Rim

See other wheel images

13 inch four bolt rim form a1983-1987 Dodge Omni or AMC Renault Alliance

Outrigger rim

See other wheel images

Four Bolt 8" Trailer Rim

Tires Front and Rear

Aft View New Tire & Shocks-1.jpg (43789 bytes)

145 or 155 SR 13 Radial (*Recommend Michelin 155SR13 XW4 Black wall, this is a symmetrical tire)

Note: 145 is the width in millimeters - 13 is the rim size in inches Make sure the tire is symmetrical in tread design.  The 155 width is the maximum size that will fit without spacing out the rear sprocket and creating chain alignment problems.

Tire Pressure ~ 30 to 35 PSI
I recommend using 35 PSI on the rear tire if you have the reverse unit.
Note: Running a low tire pressure on the rear tire will allow the reverse unit to spin against the tire.

*Aft view image courtesy of Bob Cervero


Out-rigger tires

OutRigger Wheel-2.jpg (80575 bytes)

4.80x8 - Use a high quality 2 or 4 ply tire rated for Highway speed *Recommend Carlisle Brand
Note: Balance tires to provide for a smooth ride and to prevent repeated excess wear in one spot of the tire.  An unbalanced outrigger tire will rotate to the same position during its rest position (no road contact). Each contact with the road will then create excessive wear in one spot on the tire.  Run the tire  pressure between 10 to 20 PSI for increased tire wear and a smoother ride. The low tire pressure allows the sidewalls to flex thus reducing the scuffing effect/wear.
Note: Running a low tire may require tubes in the tires to prevent the tire from popping off the rim. (I prefer using tubes)
You can purchase a tire and rim together at Wal-Mart for $26.00.  This is a cheap tire and will not give you long mileage.


Outrigger tires early model LiteStar

mcairtrac.jpg (14214 bytes)

2.80x2.50-4 Tail wheel TT MCCREARY

Main Wheel Bearings

DCP_0632.JPG (110875 bytes) DCP_0635.JPG (88493 bytes)

Front and Rear Axle Hubs-2.jpg (52185 bytes)


Timken Sealed Cone bearing L44600-LA and matching race. 
(This bearing has a built on seal).
Always replace the bearings and races as a matched set.  Do not use an old bearing with new race or vice versa

*Axle assembly image courtesy of Bob Cervero

Out-rigger Bearings

OutRigger Hub Axle and Mounting Block-3.jpg (71990 bytes)

Standard trailer replacement bearings. Always replace the bearings and races as a matched set.
Do not use an old bearing with new race or vice versa.

Master Cylinder

Master_Cyl.jpg (39235 bytes)

1978-1983 Ford Fairmont without power brakes *Discount Auto Parts P/N 10-1763 
A fluid line fitting adapter maybe required.

*Master Cylinder Image courtesy of Bob Cervero


Popup Headlight


Ft Headlight-11.jpg (463790 bytes)

1984-1985 Pontiac Fiero Head light

Steering Box

Steering_Gear_Box-1.jpg (163343 bytes) SAGINAW_122.jpg (12322 bytes)

Left - is the gear reduction type.*

Right -
Gm 1964-1985 SAGINAW Model #122
My Pulse #199 has the SAGINAW steering gear box.  This is a true steering gear box.
Mullins Steering Gears Steering Boxes

My steering linkage is on the right side not the left as when the reduction unit is used.

*Gear Box image courtesy of David

Steering Wheel

No Image

Mfg. Unknown

Reverse Motor

Reverse_Unit-1.jpg (173618 bytes)

MFG. Unknown

Wiper motor

No Image

MFG. Unknown

Speedometer Gear

No Image

MFG. Unknown

Window Weather Strip

Weatherstrip With Built-In Lock-Strip, 
(Style D) 1/8 " body panel thickness
P/N 81ZX2480U

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