Precision High Point Balancer

    After many trials and errors over-hauling the Pulse I came across another problem, out-rigger tire balance.  In my quest of purchasing out-rigger tires I also wanted them balanced.  As I have found automotive balancers do not have the sensitivity to do this.  The trailer tire diameter is to small and it does not have enough mass to be balance using a automotive balancer.  After finally getting tired of the out-rigger tire's vibrating I decided to design a tire balancer.  This design came from a precision balancer I had used for balancing model aircraft props and ducted fan impellers.  After feeling the results of my efforts I must say it has been worth the time and money.  My Pulse has never run smoother, its like riding on glass at speeds even above 85 MPH.

Pulse owners if you desire you out-rigger tires precision balanced send me email.  I guarantee you will be satisfied.

Tire_Balancer-6.jpg (160576 bytes)Tire_Balancer-2.jpg (114153 bytes)Tire_Balancer-3.jpg (118300 bytes)

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