My tribute to America

After the 9-11 Attract on America and feeling the hurt and pain from those that had lost loved ones, I wanted to do something that would help heal the pain if it was only for a moment. Owning a Pulse, I have found it brings smiles to peoples faces when they see it.  This is what drove me to paint old glory on the sides of it.  A fascinating vehicle with the pride of America painted on it draws thumbs-up and big smiles.  As I watch others pass by I see this happen over and over again, the firm thumbs-up and the smile of the pride in America.  It's amazing the power and the strength we have here in America from the youngest to the oldest.  At times its hard to swallow and brings a tear to my eye to see the faces of such proud and strong Americans.
There is not a better place in the world to live!
I salute my fellow Americans.

Don Muddiman

Special Thanks to my wife Jean, Dale and Roger for helping to make this project happen.

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