Dave Bauer sends me some information on his Pulse #167.

      These shots were taken of my Pulse in December of 1992 at a shop in Columbus, Ohio.  Mike and Doug Dewart owned the shop.   

    I’ve included the rest of the photos just so the other owners can see the work that went into painting one of these beasts.  Takes a lot of work to do it right.  The bottom side of my Pulse looks just as good as the top side because we suspended it from the overhead to do the bodywork, sanding and painting on it. 



This shot is of the inside of the nose cone of my machine.  You can see a ‘shelf’ that we built for mounting a radar detector.  Best place, great reception, and no interference.

Additionally, I have added photos of a couple of other Pulses that I know of.


*  The silver one with the advertisements on the side is located in Newport News, Virginia.  It has the Yamaha 400 engine and is used as an attention getter outside a Spaghetti Warehouse.  I’ll supply you with more info after I check on it in June.  I’m checking to see if it is still for sale for Robert McCray.  

*  Frank Neri, Sr., of Providence, Rhode Island, owned this red Pulse.  Its a GL1200 machine, I'm not sure on VIN or year, but the owner is getting back to me on that.  It has 50000 miles and is very nice.  Frank has owned four Pulses and currently has two.  

*  Finally, the single shot of the silver Pulse with the burley guy in it was taken in 1990-91 time frame at a motorcycle shop near Newark, Ohio.  The guy is the shop owner and mechanic.  He kept the machine running for the owner.  One interesting thing he did was to install a set of bearing on the steering pivot (or tree, in motorcycle terms).  As you may know, Bede didn’t build the Lightstars and Pulses with bearings there, so they tend to wear out with time.  In fact, I have planned on doing the same to mine, as I have some slop in the steering.  You can put this picture in the “unknown” page.

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Updated: August 12, 2006 


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