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And you thought you had lots of work to do on your Pulse

Litestar/Pulse Basic Parts List
Litestar/Pulse engine temperature by Bob Cervero

Out-Rigger Tires-Turning-Highway Speeds_Wear

Battery Mounting
Charging System Modification Side Case
Dash Cover
Engine Assembly
Engine Hatch Cover
Front Wheel Mounting
Front Wheel Well & Fork Assembly
Fuel Tank
Interior Side Panel
Nose Section & Headlight
Machined Oil Cooler Adapter
Out-Rigger Components
Pulse As Received December 10, 2000
Shock Bushing Tool
Under Dash
Various Views Original & Modifications
Pulse Frame Views from Jack's Cycle Salvage
Oil Cooling System Modifications
Exhaust Wrap
Reverse Unit
Belly Air Scoop
Shock Straps
Precision High Point Balancer
Windshield Cleaning Stick